by Dr. Mark David Major, AICP, CNU-A, The Outlaw Urbanist contributor (Originally posted January 28, 2013) Here is Part 2 of the “20 Must-Read Texts for Urban Planners (#1-10)” article, originally posted in January 28, 2013. Plenty of Holiday gift ideas here! 10. “The Origin and Spread of the Grid-Pattern Town” (1946) by Dan Stanislawski…

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Recently, The Outlaw Urbanist published the article “Top 10 ‘Must See’ Films for Architects and Planners” with reference to the influence of the built environment on film-grammars in support of cinematic narratives. However, there are other films (especially documentaries) worth seeing with a direct or indirect bearing on the built environment today. This is the…

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Dans le film Diamants sur canapé Holly tricote un objet aux formes curieuses. Serait-ce le plan d’un ranch ” ? Et si un fil invisible reliait carte et tricot ? /\ In the movie Breafkfast at Tiffany’s Holly is knitting an indistinct object, a ranch perhaps ? And if an invisible thread were connecting maps and knitting?

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