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Police captain Moretti's map / La carte du Commissaire Moretti Police captain Moretti’s map / La carte du Commissaire Moretti

Non ho sonno (Sleepless) is  a 2001 Italian  giallo film directed by Dario Argento. Seventeen years ago, in Turin, Italia, Giacomo’s mother  was murdered. The alleged murderer was found dead and  the investigation was closed. Unfortunately, a serial killer sows again terror in a same way, leaving small paper animal figurine by the side of bodies. Police captain Ulysse Moretti (Max von Sydow), formerly in charge of the investigation, is back in action, with the help of Giacomo. We are here interested in the spatial machinery used by Moretti to lead its investigation.

Non ho sonno (Le sang des innocents) est un film, un giallo, italien réalisé en 2001 par Dario Argento. Il y a 17 ans, à Turin, la mère de Giacomo a été assassinée. Le meurtrier présumé ayant été retrouvé mort, l’affaire a été classée. Malheureusement, un…

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