Linux as somebody had heard is not an Os is a kernel for an Os, but wo cares?. Most people have seen linux and its distributions only for servers, as super technichians Os and or super freaks oriented. But this is not entirely truth. Ubuntu is a Linux distro, this is a complete Os ultra graphic appealing with a gorgeous interface, easy to use, powerful and even if you don’t believe it, is FREE!! yes you had read well, is completely free and without any legal issue involved. But what can the basic user do with it?, well almost every thing that you do in windows but in a much more productive oriented fashion. Now is even possible, if you really need it, to run windows native software at full speed, (Office for example works incredible well, but then again the Os already comes with a free alternative). And now we have the option of install and unistall it as any other windows software, if you still need windows. So, what are you waiting for?  I assure you that you wont regret it, the os will istall in and you’ll have instant access to all the basis programs, and also you can install any other that you want from the ubuntu software center integrated, it’s really easy to use and beautiful to watch how the desktop gently flows in your screen. Simpy amazing.