Does anybody remember netbooks? well, the thing is that the netbook is one of those curious ideas that had a great but short success. The basic idea is simple: to have full internet computer that you can easily carry around (no,  laptops or notebooks can’t be easily carried) to do the most simple computer task, but not only that, it should be also relativity inexpensive making it the perfect computer for childrens, tennagers and grandpas (and for everyone that do not need to use it for a heavier task  like photoshop, render or video editing). The problem, at first, was that the software, the operative system (windows specifically), wasn’t prepared to run in such an underpower machine. So the firsts netbooks tried -with not much success- to incorporate Linux distros inside. The time has pass and Windows has never run all that great in netbooks (atoms ones) but at least today is a possibility. The problem was very evident, the small screen and the long loading times make it unusable for those situations when you need some quick information or to check for some file, and at the same time when you were seat you wish to had bring your full laptop with you. By the time the netbooks made is appearance there was a lot of much better, but also much expensier alternatives in the notebooks and tablet department, but is was not till apple came with his ipad that the tablet became a real alternative. And why is that? because it was simplier (maybe too much) and less expensive (is not cheap at all given its possibilities). Today we have a huge offer in the tablets department, but also have a huge offer of smartphones, but why smartphones? you may ask. Well, smartphones today can carry inside and outside almost the same hardware of the tablets so you  can do the same in a smaller screen device that can be carried in your pocket. Given the fact that we also have 4.5″ display smartphones that act like some kind of fusion between it and a tablet, will the tablet be the new netbook and carry the same fate? Is curious how the things has involved: the tendency today is to have a lot of diferents gadgets, but at the same time we wish that one thing could do all without having to renounce to anything, I think that this kind of device do not exist and maybe will never be (in part because the industry will not allow it). The casual user can find a lot of uses for today tablets, but at the end of the day they probably will find that they start searching for something and ended wasting hours playing angry birds. And this is the point that we are heading, all this new devices center all its main characteristics in the social networks and games but very little in the productivity department. Are we forgetting the first function of a computer device? if i want something to work and play do i have to pay ten times more? i think this is not fair. Maybe and “ultrabook” not much expensive, not much smaller, lightweight, with an infinite battery life, is the answer to our question.